James R. Marsh Chosen to Present on the AVA at International Children’s Rights Conference

Children’s and Young People’s Rights in the Digital Age

Concerns that children’s rights are being newly infringed rather than enhanced in the digital age are often raised by researchers, child rights’ advocates, and internet governance experts. Children’s needs and experiences in the digital age are often neglected in high-level debates about global internet provision and governance and children’s rights are treated as a minority interest and seen as demanding exceptional treatment from adult society. Further, current debates frequently emphasize the risks children potentially face online and underline their right to protection but much less debate focuses on children’s provision and participation rights and the opportunities children may encounter online.

With over 40 papers from 22 countries worldwide, the conference will foster an international debate on key issues related to children’s and young people’s rights in the digital age, including: child and youth participation rights; online opportunities and risks; inequalities and digital exclusion; policy and multi-stakeholder governance; the role of peers and peer culture; participatory research; e-learning, health promotion and creativity in the digital environment; cross-generational dynamics of online engagement.

James R. Marsh was chosen from hundreds of submissions to present the law review article he wrote with Professor Paul G. Cassell, Full Restitution for Child Pornography Victims: The Supreme Court’s Paroline Decision and the Need for a Congressional Response.


The pre-conference is associated with the project Global Kids Online: Children’s rights in the digital age.

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Location: London School of Economics and Political Science

Date and time: 26-27 July, 2016

Convenors: Sonia Livingstone, Amanda Third and Mariya Stoilova

Note: The pre-conference is associated with the project Global Kids Online: Children’s rights in the digital age.

The pre-conference will begin at midday on 26 July and close at midday on 27 July to enable delegates to make the journey to Leicester for the opening of IAMCR 2016 (approximately one-hour train journey).