Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch Recognizes Need to Make Victims of Child Pornography Whole

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Senator Hatch: I am today introducing legislation to help victims of child pornography receive the restitution that Congress has already said they deserve. The Supreme Court said last year that the current restitution statute, enacted more than 20 years ago, does not work for child pornography victims and this legislation will change that. I am joined by more than 30 Senators on both sides of the aisle including 14 on this committee. Do I have your commitment that under your leadership the Justice Department will aggressively prosecute child pornography and use tools like this legislation to help victims get the restitution they need to put their lives back together?

Nominee Loretta Lynch: Senator throughout my career I have expressed a commitment to prosecuting those who would seek to harm our children be it through child pornography or the actual abuse of children which often go hand in hand. You certainly raise important issues about how can we make these victims whole and I look forward to working with you and the members of this committee in reviewing that legislation as well.