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Dear Senator / Member of Congress:

I strongly believe that children who experience ongoing abuse and exploitation through the production, distribution, and possession of child sex abuse images and videos (child pornography) are entitled to justice through access to the courts. That’s why I support the EARN IT Act of 2022, Senate Bill 3538 and House Bill 6544. I hope you will co-sponsor and vote in favor of this important law.

With the widespread use of digital imagery and the Internet, many more children are being sexually abused and exploited, and images and videos of that abuse and exploitation are being disseminated by countless people worldwide. For child victims, knowing that these pictures are being bought, sold, traded, and collected contributes to their endless suffering.

The EARN IT Act will restore fairness for child pornography victims. For far too long, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act has operated as a sword rather than a shield to protect technology companies from liability. The result is a tech industry which has almost no incentive to innovate or design their systems in a manner which projects children.

No longer a small emerging niche business deserving of federal protection, tech has grown into a multi-trillion dollar global industry. Allowing child victims to access the courts is a basic human right which far from assuring success simply gives survivors a fair shot at justice.

The tech industry will not be subject to any regulation or oversight–that part of the EARN IT act will be purely voluntary. Instead, the rigid impunity imposed by Section 230 will be eliminated and for the first time in 25 years, child pornography victims will have their day in court.

As your constituent, it is important to me that you support this law and do everything possible to ensure its successful implementation.

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