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Child Abusers Run Rampant as Tech Companies Look the Other Way

Ten years ago, the Marsh Law Firm began representing two of the girls profiled in this article, E. and F. At the time, the entire family was confused and traumatized. The girls were under a great deal of stress. The criminal justice and child welfare system had no idea how to help and often unnecessarily re-traumatized them. After a decade of struggle and setbacks, they have all emerged as powerful voices for recognition and change. To my great surprise they volunteered for this story and I was incredibly impressed and moved by their transformation from victims into advocates.

This is an impressive profile over one year in the making. The reporters did an amazing job and were sensitive to our clients throughout the process. Thanks to The New York Times for shining a light on this darkness and for giving hope to the innumerable girls and boys who will never get to tell their story.