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President Signs AVAA Ushering in Major Reforms for Child Pornography Victims

On Friday, President Trump signed S. 2152, the Amy Vicky & Andy Child Pornography Victim Assistance Act of 2018, ushering in major reforms for victims of child pornography and online exploitation.

The AVAA, which was long-championed by Senator Orrin G. Hatch [R-UT], answers the call of Justice Sonya Sotomayor in Paroline v. United States that "in the end, of course, it is Congress that will have the final say."

The AVAA was created to address both Chief Justice Roberts' and Justice Sotomayor's invocation to fix the law. The bill enjoyed not only wide bi-partisan support—passing both chambers by unanimous consent—it was also endorsed by major victims rights and law enforcement organizations nationwide.

As Senator Hatch wrote in his signing statement "This legislation will help provide meaningful assistance for child pornography victims to support their recovery and allow them to reclaim their lives. This is a momentous day and many years in the making."